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Candyman Art Studio   Candyman Art Studio   Candyman Art Studio 

Our Team :

Vasily Shepelin

Vasily Shepelin

CEO of Candyman Art Studio, manager of operations, photographer, videographer, graphic, web, and SEO developer, digital marketing expert.


Habileny Sanchez


Director of digital content, photographer, videographer 

travel and location coordinator.


Pamela Hannam

Pamela Hannam

Professional content writer, published author and superior search engine optimization researcher. 

Iris Sanchez

Iris Sanchez

Social media integration and public relationship specialist, SEO and marketing expert, content creator, Webmaster.

Valeria Sadykova

Director of graphic design, web designer, logos and animations developer, art advisor, paint artist.

"Every photo becomes art in its own way and the final outcome is always worth the time we put into it"

Candyman Art Studio


Candyman Art Studio Photography ServicesWhen you hire Candyman Art Studio you will receive an expert in the photography industry. 

We provide the highest standards of quality and creativity when it comes to digital or film photograpy. 

Our expertize included and is not limited to portraits, landscapes, sport and fashion, professional modeling, interiors, cars, wild life, parties, special events, commercials, business, adult, and macro photography.
We garantee the best results for any of your photography projects.

Photography services rates start from $400.
Retouching of images from $55. 

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Candyman Art Studio Videography ServicesWe shoot our videos in different styes and formats, according to your needs and project settings, from low resolutions to Super HD (4K).

Whether you need a professional video for your business or just for a family archive, with Candyman Art Studio you will get only  superior quvality of audio and video footage.

The final videos of Candyman Art Studio are edited by professional videographers to create the most desierable TV or perfect cinematic look with all posseble animations and special effects.

Videography services rates start from $500.
Montage and video editing from $200.

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Candyman Art Studio Graphic Design ServicesGraphic design is one of the most important steps in developing the final products of photography, videography, and web design. At Candyman Art Studio we have a complete knowledge of the operations of the latest in computer softwear, expert creativity, sense of beauty, and an eye for perfection. At Candyman Art studio, we understand the importance of knowing you can relay on our professional art experts and designers when it comes to your graphic design projects.

Candyman Art Studio  follows the highest standarts in any of our graphic design pojects. From creating logos and retouching photos to developing websites, online stores, and graphic animations, Candyman Art Studio has the best solutions to make your thoughts and fantasies become a reality.

We put all our knowlege and experiece into making your projects stand out with a beautiful, stunning, expensive look. We work diligently on your design projects until you are compleatly happy. Candyman Art Studio garantees the best results for any of your graphic design projects!

Graphic design services rates start from $200.                                                        READ MORE


Candyman Art Studio Web Development ServicesCandyman Art Studio is always available to service your web projects. From fixing, modifying, and expanding existing websites, to creating them from the scratch. We are your number one solution for all your web development needs.

Candyman Art Studio provides hosting plans and help with picking domain names according to your projects and goals.

Whether you are a business entity and need an online store and membership zone, or just a person who needs a website for your personal needs, Candyman Art Studio guarantees an outstanding, responsive or fixed web designs, with beautiful and unique graphic animations.

Web development services rates start from $300.

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Candyman Art Studio Search Engine Optimization ServicesCandyman Art Studio develops search engine optimization strategies (SEO) to promote your websites online and have a great ranking on the search engines such as: Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN.

At Candyman Art Studio we undestand the importance of being first in line through the major search engines for potential customers or clients can find you.

We will create a solid search engine optimization and advertisment strategy to promote, track, and manage your business or your name online according to your projects and needs.

Candyman Art Studio guarantees:
Your experience of working with us will be unforgettable!

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Candyman Art Studio at Candyman Entertainment LLC provides an exelent five star service with affordable and competitive rates for any company or client. Our goal is to create and deliver your project fast with the highest standarts of quality. We will work on your assignment 24/7 until it's done with desierble results and you are completely happy. 

At Candyman Art Studio we have a special packeges with discounted rates for our services if you want to combine two or more services together. Please contact us for special rates of our services for your project. 


Candyman Art Studio Services

Candyman Art Studio Services

Candyman Art Studio Services

Candyman Art Studio Services

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