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Candyman Art Studio   Candyman Art Studio   Candyman Art Studio 

Our Team :

Vasily Shepelin

Vasily Shepelin

CEO of Candyman Art Studio, manager of operations, photographer, videographer, graphic, web, and SEO developer, digital marketing expert.


Habileny Sanchez


Director of digital content, photographer, videographer 

travel and location coordinator.


Pamela Hannam

Pamela Hannam

Professional content writer, published author and superior search engine optimization researcher. 

Iris Sanchez

Iris Sanchez

Social media integration and public relationship specialist, SEO and marketing expert, content creator, Webmaster.

Valeria Sadykova

Director of graphic design, web designer, logos and animations developer, art advisor, paint artist.

"Every photo becomes art in its own way and the final outcome is always worth the time we put into it"

Candyman Art Studio

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2001 Jasper Bluff street,
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89117, USA.

Phone: +1 (702) 205-7787

Skype: WestVegas

Privacy Policy

At Candyman Art Studio (Candyman Entertainment LLC), we are committed to protecting your privacy. The limited information we do collect is used to provide you with a personalized experience, better service.

The Information Collected and How It Is Used:

           E-mail and Demographic Data

Our site’s contact form requires users to give us contact information (i.e. name and e-mail address) and demographic information (i.e. interests and business information). We use information to serve you better.


All data processed at Candyman Art Studio is only in our office. Furthermore, all of the data we collect is protected against unauthorized access.


To ensure you receive the information you need to manage your account and protect your privacy, please be sure to keep your contact and billing information up to date.