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Candyman Art Studio   Candyman Art Studio   Candyman Art Studio
Candyman Art Studio   Candyman Art Studio   Candyman Art Studio 

Our Team :

Vasily Shepelin

Vasily Shepelin

CEO of Candyman Art Studio, manager of operations, photographer, videographer, graphic, web, and SEO developer, digital marketing expert.


Habileny Sanchez


Director of digital content, photographer, videographer 

travel and location coordinator.


Pamela Hannam

Pamela Hannam

Professional content writer, published author and superior search engine optimization researcher. 

Iris Sanchez

Iris Sanchez

Social media integration and public relationship specialist, SEO and marketing expert, content creator, Webmaster.

Valeria Sadykova

Director of graphic design, web designer, logos and animations developer, art advisor, paint artist.

"Every photo becomes art in its own way and the final outcome is always worth the time we put into it"

Candyman Art Studio


Welcome to Candyman Art Studio, part of 

Candyman Entertainment LLC.

Providing the highest

standards of photo, video, web, art 

and graphic  design productions.


Delivering  creative and professional services 

by sophisticated, talented, expertly trained

 photo-videographers, and web developers.



















About Candyman Art Studio


Candyman Art Studio started as a professional photo and video production company in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2005. Our exceptional and sophisticated art work has been seen in many entertainment establishments in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, and throughout The United States, as well as in Europe and in Russia.

In 2007 we expanded our services and moved to the next level with web development and web programming. Graphic and logo design has become one of the most important steps in our web productions. Our digital work has moved from print forms to web design projects and is now featured in all our online publications.

At Candyman Art Studio, we understand, the internet is the first priority for work, communication, life style, and education. You will find Candyman Art Studio the most reliable company with professional photo, video, graphic and web development under one roof, serving all of your digital design project needs.

At Candyman Art Studio we understand every business, regardless of your size. We have it all, and we are here for you 24/7,  building websites, taking professional photographs, designing logos, shooting professional videos, creating graphic animations, developing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. We specialize in promoting your business and your name online.

Candyman Art studio understands, some projects can not be accomplished without professional lighting, special backgrounds or green screens, which we can provide.

We work only with high end equipment to achieve the best results according to your projects. All cameras, lenses, lights, photo, video, and audio devices meet the highest modern standard requirements.

At Candyman Art Studio we have taken the time to select very clean and sophisticated locations throughout in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange County, Miami, and in Moscow to provide you with stunning backdrops. Our staff provides a nice, friendly, workable atmosphere, which makes your projects easy and enjoyable.

Your experience working with us will be unforgettable!

We take a great pride in every project we do.

Candyman Art Studio guarantees the best results and 100% satisfaction!

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